Review: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

I was going to write a review about When Breath Becomes Air but after finishing the book and my bedside box of tissues, I couldn’t bring myself to write a review so soon. That being said, it’s an incredibly beautiful novel and I would highly recommend it (Just make sure you’re mentally prepared and have many tissues handy).

Instead, I decided to write today’s review about another book that I recently finished.


Truthwith by Susan Dennard, The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (Excellent book), and the shawl I’m working on for my best friend’s birthday. 

Overall Score: 8/10

First thoughts

I’m so glad that this isn’t a stand-alone book (not that it wouldn’t be great as one). I liked the characters, the world, and the plot. I can’t wait for more! Safi and Iseult have a wonderful partnership and I loved that the main focus of the novel was on friendship and family (not to say that there wasn’t any romance). I loved the way witchery was portrayed and how we saw characters of all strengths. Although I do have to say that Evrane was a huge surprise in how awesome she ended up being. I also adored the opening of the book (particularly because I’m a sucker for a good con story).


This book was built around an incredibly strong female friendship. I could not be happier to see how the friendship is portrayed. No matter what, Safi and Iseult have each others’ backs. The idea of Threadsisters (and brothers) was a very unique one. It was interesting to see the contrast between those relationships and the romantic ones.

The plot – The story moved along at a very fast paced, which I really enjoyed. One scene flowed into the next very logically and you weren’t left confused at any point of the story. The only negative for me about the book was Safi’s hot-headedness. I know that it helps the Cahr Awen story that she and Iseult are so different but I think that she should have been able to coherently think through a plan. This didn’t really bug me overly much though and I did see how it fit in with the story. The political story was great and definitely helped me understand the various characters motivations.

Characters – Each character was so well developed and all played a role in the story. One of my favorite things about the novel was that Safi and Iseult both had relatively harmless witcheries compared to some of the other seen in the novel (mastery over storms, lightning, iron, blood, etc.) However, they were able to fight using other gifts and best those with better witcheries. Additionally, I enjoyed that they are going to play such a large role in the religious aspect of the books.

This book was definitely entertaining and fast-paced. I’m excited for Windwitch although I’m not entirely sure who the main characters are going to be (I’d prefer a focus on Safi and Iseult rather than Merik). I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a fast-paced, adventure fantasy read.

Page Length: 416

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Publisher: MacMillan

Source: Library

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